Following Practice Discipleship’s 2020 theme, Peace & Conflict, we set forth as active participants in the Church’s call to “seek Justice and Peace.” Closely tied to this call is the concept of Sanctuary. 

After an unsettling year full of challenges to Justice and Peace, we are all in need of sanctuary: a holy place; a peaceful refuge; a place of protection. This year, although we can’t be together for retreat as usual, we explore our own understandings and experiences of sanctuary, shared meanings of sanctuary, and our role as disciples in seeking and creating sanctuary within and for our communities.


The theme guide leads participants through 5 sessions:

  1. Intro to Sanctuary

  2. Part 1: Holy Places, Worship Spaces

  3. Part 2: Places of Safety & Refuge

  4. Part 3: Asylum, Protection & Solidarity

  5. Part 4: Building Sanctuary in Our Lives Today


How does it work?

  • Download: The guide is available here for anyone to download and use, in your own space and on your own time. This is a self-directed series, with scripture readings, reflections, suggested activities and prayer.

  • Retreat: If you want to change your setting, consider booking a stay at Mar-Lu-Ridge, which is currently open for individuals and families to visit. 

  • Connect: Use the hashtag #pdsanctuary2021 on your favorite socials, and sign up for texts or emails to be notified when we start virtual group sessions.